Freedom SuperClamp 4-Bike

  • Carries up to 4 bikes of any type.
  • Most stable no frame contact tray rack available.
  • Tilting feature allows access to rear of vehicle.
  • Integrated locks for bikes and hitch.


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Freedom SuperClamp 4 on Car

Full Description

Freedom SuperClamp: the rack of your bike's dreams.

If your bike had a magic genie, we're pretty sure it would've asked for the Freedom SuperClamp 4. We took all the favorite features of our top-selling Freedom, and raised the bar—by changing the bar completely. With our industry-first front and rear wheel hooks, we were able to completely eliminate frame contact while providing the most secure hold of any tray-style rack on the market. With extra features like an integrated lock and a design that accommodates any bike, we bet your bike's wish just came true.


  • Carries 4 bikes (60 lbs/bike in two trays closest to vehicle; 35 lbs/bike for second two trays).
  • Preassembled.
  • Fits all bikes.
  • No frame contact design.
  • Adjustable arms.
  • Rack-integrated locking cable.
  • Tilting feature allows for access to rear of vehicle.
  • Ratcheting arms pivot on case hardened brackets for superior strength.
  • Includes a locking hitch pin.
  • Works with 2" hitches only.
  • Rack weight: 63 lbs. 


It's no secret that all Saris products come with a lifetime warranty in North America. That means that we cover the product for as long as the original buyer owns it. Why? Because we believe in the quality and durability of every Saris rack. If there is a defect in materials or workmanship (rare as they may be), please get in touch with our outstanding customer service team. If your rack has been damaged due to incorrect assembly, from backing into a wall, or something not related to workmanship, you will not qualify for a replacement.


Freedom SuperClamp 4-Bike is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 3.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from This is the mother of all bike racks. ust got back from a lunchtime ride, and using the new superclamp rack for the first time.This is the mother of all bike racks. It's a pleasure to use. Love the integrated lock cable for the bikes. I have to leave my bike on the rack while at work, and the locking features at the hitch reciever and the integrated cables for the bike give me peace of mind. The step pedal to raise and lower the rack is just awesome. In the up position it's out of the way. There's also a tilted down position that gets it out of the way so I can open my tacoma's tailgate completely without removing the rack. The arms and buttons are all so easy to use. This rack is really no bigger than our old Saris 2 bike rack and yet it can hold 4 bikes. Hey! We have 4 people in our family... Perfect! : ) I also like that the rack is both threaded and locking to the hitch receiver. The years of experience the company has in making bike racks is really showing. The old product was great, but it looks like they have thought of everything!
Date published: 2014-05-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Dialed: Daily Adventures to Long Hauls The short of it:I travel. A lot. I've use many different racks over 15 years. To date the Freedom Super Clamp is hands down, no contest, the best vehicle rack (hitch, trunk or roof) that I have ever used.Details:Setup - A cake walk. Setup is very intuitive but the provided step by step instructions help with the correct place meant of the wheel trays. Tools required are one (1) included allen key and one (1) crescent wrench. 10 minutes from box to mounted tops.Weight:Not bad. Pretty light for a 4 bike hitch mounted tray rack. Qualification - I'm a light weight cyclist with very little upper body strength. aka, I'm a wimp. I was able to install the rack on my own with only the slightest amount of strain. For a no-strain, no-need-to-be-a-superhero setup, ask a friend to help.Adjustability:The Freedom SC adjust quickly and with ease to fit different size wheel bases. The wheel trays slide on the base and tighten into place with a simple loosening and tightening of a large, finger friendly, screw.Ease of Use:Actually those three words pretty much sum it up. The Freedom SC is as easy on, easy off and it gets. I haven't geeked out enough to measure it, but the extension arms seem to get about 160 degrees of pivot, from a flat fold on the horizontal support stays, to fully open. Coupled with the ratting and intelligently tapered wheel arms, the Freedom SC is ready to be best mates with your entire fleet of family bikes.Bike Security:That's really all we care about, right? The Freedom SC locks my bikes in such a way that there is absolutely no fear that a bike could work it's way loose. With the arm-extensions clamping down on the bike wheels and most minimal amount of "wobble" and I have ever seen in a rack, I have total piece of mind when traveling. I know that the fork and headset isn't being torched as is the case with roof racks in a sidewind. And since the frame isn't wiggling around on a top tube support or clamp, I know that I'm not going to have a nice toptube scuff mark awaiting me at my destination.I opted for the hitch and bike lock accessories. The hitch lock is bomber. Nothing more to say about that. The integrated cable bike lock is nice although it's a bit light weight. More of a "Keep honest people honest" type system. The bike lock cable inserts in the ends of tray stays for a clean look and they pull out with ease. Getting the cables back into their stowed position is a bit like pushing rope. Well, it's exactly like pushing rope. Let's hope for a spring loaded recoil feature in the future.Vehicle access and no bike travels:The Freedom SC easily pivots and locks into a position that allows rear hatch access. A key feature that not all hitch mount racks offer. The rack also pivots and locks into an upright "stow away" position. I've found this feature to be very useful when making daily trips especially when parallel parking.Saris as a company: (* I do not work for Saris in any capacity)A quick plug for Saris as a company. Although I hope I don't have issues with this rack, I know from previous experiences that the Saris customer support is top of the line. I like companies that offer top notch support, products and product durability. In my experience with Saris, I've check the box of all three. Adding to that, I love that Saris is a family company with family values and made their products are made the USA with pride.
Date published: 2014-06-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Huge Improvement over the CycleOn (which I loved) Shopped Kuat and Yakima 2" hitch racks (also good) but the Saris Freedom SuperClamp was the way to go. At 63-LBS it feels like about half my CycleOn it replaced. The lighter weight allows my wife to install/uninstall the rack from car-to-car easily, and saves my low back. And it's made in Wisconsin. We frequently load a 650c and three 700c race bikes driving a junior and teammates to area races. It is quite small on the back of our Forester or Expedition, leaving sight lines open (without bikes). The pivot down feature allows opening of the tailgate with 4 bikes loaded -- Handy with the family packed. First used it last weekend hauling 4 friends' road bikes to the Lone Star Century. All who saw it were impressed. When finished, we loaded up the rack, used the integrated locks, and enjoyed the post-ride festivities without having to nervously keep an eye on our expensive bikes. AND the hitch locks to the car, so the rack itself is less likely to be stolen. Last week I took my 29er full-squish, along with a friend's 26" hardtail to the trail head. Quick, easy loading/unloading.
Date published: 2014-06-03


The SuperClamp 4 is manufactured in the USA?

Asked by: Andres83
Yes it is. Our factory and offices are located in Madison WI, and we make all of our bike racks in house.
Answered by: SarisCS
Date published: 2014-08-19

I have an Extracycle Edgerunner cargo bike that is about 84 inches long from stem to stern and is about 58 inches from hub to hub, will the Freedom SuperClamp accommodate this? It also has fenders, so the rear wheel would need the strap.

Asked by: Steve42
The SuperClamp has a max axle to axle wheel base of 47". It would not be able to accommodate your Edgerunner.
Answered by: SarisCS
Date published: 2014-08-18

Can I lock my bikes to the rack so they wont get stolen?

Asked by: ggreggg
The SuperClamp comes with a hitch lock to lock the rack to the vehicle, as well as integrated cable locks to lock the bikes to the rack.
Answered by: SarisCS
Date published: 2014-08-11

Will the Freedom SuperClamp accommodate 16" and 20" wheels? We are a family of four and would like to transport our kids' bikes as well.

Asked by: Wesley
Yes, the Super Clamp can accommodate kid's bikes. You would have to move the rear wheel trays in a bit to fit the smaller wheel base, and use the included straps on the rear wheels of the kids bikes, but they will fit.
Answered by: SarisCS
Date published: 2014-08-11

Can the bikes be supported securely if the tire is flat, or do you need to repair & fully inflate the tire prior to loading the bike onto the rack?

Asked by: FlatTireGuy
We would recommend repairing the tire if possible, or using the included straps to secure the wheel down instead of just the clamp.
Answered by: SarisCS
Date published: 2014-06-23

do your 4 bike systems lock the bikes on?

Asked by: vinny
Yes, the Super Clamp 4 bike has a locking cables that come out of the center tubes to lock the bikes to the rack. It also has a locking hitch bolt to lock the rack to the vehicle.
Answered by: SarisCS
Date published: 2014-06-18

When the rack is empty and folded up, how far out from the rear bumper does it extend?  The picture looks like it adds significant length to the vehicle.

Asked by: polloboy
From the center of the hitch bolt to the outer most part of the rack it's roughly 21'' when folded up.
Answered by: SarisCS
Date published: 2014-06-10

Can I take apart the Freedom SuperClamp 4 bike rack and use it as a Freedom SuperClamp 2 bike rack?

Asked by: Kevin28753
The Freedom SuperClamp 4 is a dedicated 4 bike rack, and cannot be split apart and used as a 2 bike rack.
Answered by: SarisCS
Date published: 2014-08-25



  • Secures rack to vehicle with theft-preventing lock.
  • Fits most 1¼" and 2" threaded hitch-tite.


  • Secure bikes to your bike rack to reduce bike theft.
  • Eight foot, 10mm braided stainless steel locking cable.
  • Includes 2 keys.


  • Locking Hitch Tite secures your rack to your vehicle
  • Locking Cable secures your bike to your rack
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