Design Philosophy

Our four essential principles of rack design, sculpted from a passion for cycling:

You’ll understand it when you see it.

1. Design Transparency: Even radically new design should be immediately understood. Our racks are intuitive to use because they are designed through your eyes, so you can clearly see how everything works. This instills confidence behind the wheel that your bikes are safe and secure.

Powerful design demands radical new function.

2. Revolutionary Thinking: All great design begins by asking, how can we make the user’s experience better? The essence of a great design and the genesis of our products is the marriage of the user’s emotional connection and the delight of using the product.

The best thinking makes for the best racks.

3. Employ Technology: Pushing the limits of design demands that we keep pace with emerging advancements in materials and technologies. We want to be first to know what’s new and, if it progresses the form and performance of our products, quickly adopt it into our thinking.

Built by cyclists for cyclists.

4. Closed-Circle Methodology: From product design to test engineering to manufacturing, we own our entire process. We source material locally through long-standing partnerships and we respect and appreciate the natural environment. Together we strive to create the world’s best bike racks.