Made in the U.S.A.

Hand-Built in Madison, Wisconsin. Our manufacturing facility is located just around back.

Made by us and backed by us all for you
Were proud of the fact that every Saris rack is made right here in bicycle-crazed Madison Wisconsin From metal fabrication to welding to sewing straps to product assembly and shipping we do it all because we love what we do Thats why were able to back every Saris rack with a lifetime guarantee

Long-standing partnerships. Longest-lasting performance.

Local Sourcing: 92% of our vendors are located within 120 miles of Saris. We’re talking steel suppliers, injection molders, painters, decal printers, tool manufacturers, even our corrugated box guy. It all amounts to a tighter grip on quality—and just as important, local jobs.

Instead of shipping jobs overseas I prefer to ship the worlds best built bicycle racksChris Fortune President

When you want a bike rack, you want it now. We get it.

Designed to Run One: Our nimble production setup is “designed to run one,” which means if you order a rack and we don’t have it in stock, we’ll simply build one just for you. Really, who wants to wait around for some ship to come in when there’s riding to be done?

An old farmhouse, that’s our world headquarters.

Organically Produced: Our manufacturing facility is our design studio, which is also our sales and support center. At Saris, everyone works together, collaborating on new ideas and perfecting products to turn out the most reliable and easy-to-use bike racks in the world.