People for Bikes

Making Riding Better for Everyone

Focused on making every bike ride safer, easier to access and more fun, People for Bikes includes both an industry coalition of bicycling suppliers and retailers, as well as a charitable foundation.

People for Bikes

People for Bikes x Saris

Over the years, People for Bikes has spent more than $30 million to make bicycling better. These dollars have gone to community bicycling projects at the national, state and local level. We support for People for Bikes because of their continued effort to be a voice for cyclists at our nation’s capital in Washington, DC. Through their sustained organizing, bicyclists can advocate for change and be part of the thousands of miles of new bicycle infrastructure added every year.

Saris has been an industry member since their launch in 1999 as Bikes Belong, with Saris leadership holding a spot on the People for Bikes Board since 2003. Our partnership has ranged from industry-level advocacy efforts to Safe Routes to School to supporting their PlacesForBikes program.

People for Bikes Executive Board Member since 2003 - Chris Fortune, Saris Co-Founder & CEO; continued by Jeff Frehner, Saris President & COO
People for Bikes Board Member, 2010 - 2012 - Chris Fortune, Saris Co-Founder & CEO
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