Allen Lim
At Saris, we don’t just imagine a more bike-able world. We’re all in, making it happen. As a distributor partner for Bosch eBike Systems, we’re helping bike brands access exciting, functional and fun electric bikes. In North America, we help ensure that all interested frame builders and boutique bike brands have guidance, support and access to Bosch eBike Systems – including motor, battery and computers. This includes guidance and support during development, as well as sharing access to the industry-leading post-sales support of the Bosch Service and Warranty Teams.

Information for Boutique Brands & Custom Frame Builders

We distribute Bosch eBike systems (motor, battery, and computer). Our Saris Team has the experience and engineering guidance to help you through the build-out process and BOM (bill of materials) selection in order to get your electric bike project started. Please follow these steps if interested in learning more.

  1. Contact the Saris-Bosch team at and let us know you're interested in partnering!
  2. We will follow up with a survey that helps us understand where you are in the build process.
  3. Once your survey responses are reviewed; a Saris representative will contact you.
  4. After an NDA is signed, we will share Pricing and CAD data followed by assistance in BOM creation, bicycle component recommendations, and sample shipment.
  5. Ride!

Please note: The entire build-out process takes approximately 6-9 months depending on prototype approval.
Allen Lim
Allen Lim shares his experience in training athletes using a custom Saris - Bosch equipped electric bike.