#LongForTheRide June Winner

#LongForTheRide June Winner

This month's winner hails from our hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. His name is Peter and you cannot attend a bike-related event in this town without running into Peter. His enthusiasm for all things cycling is down right contagious.

Peter riding on trails with his kids

Read on for Peter's #LongForTheRide story:

"Things don't always go as planned. Ever the encouraging bike dad, I took the kids to a family-friendly ride on beginner trails hosted by our local IMBA chapter. From here, things went downhill fast. My daughter rolled off the trail into the brush, not hurt but spooked. Then uphill. The kids had to walk their bikes. My son clipped his ankle on a pedal, sat down and started to cry. Once we stopped moving, the mosquitoes swarmed us. The kids refused to ride further, which made for a long walk back to the car. Rough outing but I hope it's just a setback on their way to #longfortheride!"

As any parent can attest, events with kids often play-out in a different way than we imagine. As a company full of families of cyclists, we know that with every joyous moment spent on the bike with our loved ones – there's always a story or two about the bumps in the road. Whether it be mosquitoes or a flat tire, the less-than-glamorous moments make the sweet ones even better.

After we contacted Peter to let him know that his entry was selected as the June #LongForTheRide winner, he gave us an update on his family's love affair with mountain biking. After this day out on the local trails, his oldest son asked to go back for another ride. And they did – on Father's Day.

His oldest son wasn't the only one. Despite of a rough day on the trails, Peter's younger kids are showing more interest in off-road riding and now tag along with with their dad to more technical mountain bike trails in the area.

Peter's daughter at Quarry Park

Peter's younger son has even declared, "I could never get bored of this!" while out shredding.

Peter's son at Quarry Park

Peter requested the $1,000 prize be split 50/50 between two organizations. The first is the Wisconsin Bike Fed, which is based here in Madison. Peter chose the Bike Fed because of all the great work they do as Wisconsin's statewide voice for bicycle advocacy and education. "The Bike Fed is the one organization that is out there working all over the state to make Wisconsin a better place to ride," said Peter. "As chair of the Bike Fed board, I'm happy to help the Bike Fed do such valuable work statewide."

The other recipient is the Capital Off-Road Pathfinders, or CORP for short. CORP is the Madison area's local IMBA chapter. They recently developed the new Seminole Trails in Fitchburg, where Peter's #longfortheride photo was taken. "We appreciate the donation and recognition," said William Lorman, CORP president. "The donation will help our organization continue to improve local trails and provide opportunities for riders and their families to get out and ride."

Before we conclude, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has shared their #LongForTheRide inspiration so far. We're halfway through our campaign and are continuously searching for our next monthly winner. Let's keep the momentum going: Send us your story today!