Saris Holiday Gift Guide

Turkey. Family. Fall bike rides. Pumpkin Pie. Winter bike rides. Never-ending holiday music. That's right, it's that time of the year again, which means it's time to start working on the annual holiday shopping list.

If you're like us you've got a cyclist or two or three (or a whole family of bikers) on your checklist. With so many cycling-specific options to choose from, it can be mind-boggling to figure out the perfect gift.

To help guide you through our line of car racks and bike storage, we asked our employees and 2016 brand advocates to share with us what Saris product they'd give to a special someone this holiday season and why.

SuperClamp 4-bike hitch rack

Friends Take Friends to Trailheads

Billy Calkins

"I'd choose to give my buddy Mitch P. the SuperClamp 4-bike hitch rack, plus the Fat Tire Wheel Holders. Mitch just bought a sweet woody van and needs to be able to bring all of his friends with his on his new adventures! So much fat in all of those tires!"

Billy Calkins, Saris Brand Advocate

Saris SUPERBones trunk rack

A Bike Rack as Wonderful as My Wife – the SuperBONES

Brandon from Saris customer service

"My wife works at the local hospital, and rather than pay to park in the hospital parking ramp, will drive within a few miles, grab her bike and pedal in with scrubs over her shoulder.

Because we are in Wisconsin and try to ride all year, she needs a car rack that could easily secure to her sedan, could withstand the elements, and offer theft protection in case she decided not to ride into work on any given day.

The SUPERBones trunk rack would be the perfect gift as it's easy on and off the vehicle, can be installed by one person, and offers the peace of mind that bikes will stay on the rack going down the road, or when she runs into work."

Brandon Nguyen, Customer Service

Saris Show Off

Share the Limelight

Christopher Pavon

"For my bike admiring friends, The Show Off is the go-to gift. That way they can showcase their love for cycling anywhere in their home."

Christopher Pavon, Saris Brand Advocate

Saris bike beam

The Bike Beam for a Do-It-All Friend

Jen, Parking Sales Coordinator

"My friend mentioned wanting to hit the local bike trail with her new bike (cruiser-style down tube), her son's smaller bike, and is always looking for additional riding partners.

Hurdles rarely interfere with her goals and the Bike Beam offers practical solutions she could use."

Jennifer Everson, Saris Parking Sales Coordinator

Saris SuperClamp hitch rack

A Super Rack for a Super Dad

Cody, Saris customer service

The SuperClamp is the perfect gift for my dad for two reasons:

  1. He deserves the best.
  2. He deserves a vacation.
Cody Shaide, Customer Service

Saris Cycle Glide

Saris Cycle Glide for a More Organized 2017

Bryan Roberts, Saris Brand Advocate

"The perfect gift from the Saris family would be the Saris Cycle Glide. We all struggle with a busy, bike-filled garage, and the Cycle Glide brings much needed relief. Not only does it get bikes up and out of harm's way, you can hang up those carbon wheelsets too.

I would happily gift this to my friend Jeff, who suffers from a healthy dose of OCD. The Saris Cycle Glide would satisfy that constant need for organization!"

Bryan Roberts, Saris Brand Advocate

Saris Boss

Gift Like A Boss

Josh, software developer

"I'd give The Boss to friends that are feeling the need to exercise with their bikes, but are not super aficionados.

The Boss is small (can fit under the tree), is pretty universal (with the exception of fat bikes) and it solves the problem of leaning a bike up against something that wasn't designed to support a bike.

Plus, it's affordable, looks good, and pretty much anyone with a bike has the space for one."

Josh Kandiko, Software Developer

Fat bikes in winter

Fat Bike Tracs for All

Jimmy, Saris design engineer

"For Christmas, I wish my wife would gift me four Fat Tire Bike Tracs so that I could get all of our bikes off of the garage floor to free up some space for my motorcycle and big ole lawn mower!"

Jimmy Weinert, Saris Design Engineer

Konrad Hermann, Saris Manufacturing Engineer and fat bike enthusiast, also listed the Fat Bike Tracs on his list for his brother who recently took up fat bike riding in the mountains of California.

Konrad, Saris manufacturing engineer

"Here's an insiders tip. If you have the option to hang the bike trac near a drain in your basement or garage, that way when the snow melts off, it runs into the drain rather than pool on the floor."

Konrad Hermann, Saris Manufacturing Engineer

Saris Bones bike rack on car

Pass Down a Classic to the Next Generation

Sam Dana, Saris brand advocate

"The Bones bike rack is the best gift for my son. He starts driving this year, but the Jeep is off-limits, which means my Freedom 2-bike Spare Tire rack will be of no use to him. ;)"

Sam Dana, Saris Brand Advocate

No matter your choice, you really can't go wrong. Our Executive Assistant, Lindsay, said it best, "How great to give a gift with a lifetime warranty and the promise of endless biking adventures!"

We can toast to that. Happy Holidays!

Cyclists unloading a Saris hitch rack