Saris Home Storage - For the Love of the Bike

Saris Home Storage - For the Love of the Bike

Since the invention of the bicycle, it has proven to be one of the most ingenious, unfettered forms. Even though trends have come and gone in terms of the shape of the top tube, width of the handle bars, height, wheel size, the basic shape of the bicycle has not changed. It's a classic. It's iconic. And, now it's hip. And hot.

Bikes are everywhere — they adorn clothing (a recent trip to a hip and trendy kid's shop revealed an entire display of boy's t-shirts with bikes on them with SIX choices of colors and different bike placement and bike shapes), celebrities proudly ride their bikes in public (think LeBron James riding to the stadium for a game), mainstream media and art shows cover and showcase the bike, and any major city will show you elected officials working to make their city more bike friendly. Google bike art and you get 295 BILLION results; google bicycle love and you get 90,500,000 results — this all points to the giant movement toward our global culture embracing the bike.

At the end of the day, the bike hasn't changed much in its original shape. Because the shape is genius. And beautiful. There's a reason the term "bike porn" exists and gets tossed around with knowing glances and smiles. People love to look at bikes. And people love to use the bike as a way to express their personality. A recent trip to Copenhagen showed me a beautifully chic bike prominently showcased in the window of the high-end Louis Vuitton store. Not to mention, a display of colorful yarn-bombed bikes in a local art museum. Two different worlds, both embracing and highlighting the timeless, classic beauty of the bike.

Inspired by this love of the bike we developed a new line of home storage products to display and showcase the bicycle as a prized piece of art.

I've worked on this line for a long time, exploring, researching, talking to the market, identifying opportunities and guiding the direction of the line. And, now, we're watching the products come to life. We teamed with renowned furniture designer John Kaloustian to design these products. John's background in furniture design was perfect to create what we were looking for — designer furniture for the bike. During the design process, our team worked hard on moving beyond the functional utility of display bikes to get into the emotional connection our customers have with their bikes, and thus provide products that live up to that emotional connection. We wanted to find the perfect balance in the way our products interact with the bikes and interact with their physical environment.

We are so excited for the products to come to your homes. I'm pleased to introduce you to THE SHOW OFF, THE HOTTIE and THE BOSS. Three designed pieces that will enhance your surroundings, your bike and your life.

Our new line of Home Storage is coming very soon. Check back at for updates or sign up here and we will get in touch with you as our new Home Storage line is available.

- Sarah Reiter, Saris Parking Category Manager