Here you’ll find answers to life’s burning questions. Or at least to those most frequently asked regarding our racks.

Check out our Online Fit Guide to determine which Saris bike rack will fit your vehicle.

Our Freedom Spare Tire rack works on most spare tires. Check the spare tire fit guide to see what mounting plate you need.

Pickup trucks cannot support trunk racks. Saris does offer rack options for 1 ¼" and 2" hitch receivers, as well as our Kool Rack and Traps, which mount in the bed of your truck. The compatibility of our hitch racks will vary based on the installation of the receiver on the vehicle and tongue weight rating of the hitch.

Currently we are only able to process US orders. To find your local dealer please visit our international distributor list.

You will need to contact your local Saris Dealer and ask them about a master set of keys. If your dealer doesn't have a master set, contact customer service and we can send the dealer a set. For security purposes we cannot send master key sets to customers direct.

Each product page on our website contains a link to the current instruction manual for that rack. For a complete list of instruction manuals to download, refer to the instruction manuals page.

All Saris racks have a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. Please see our warranty page for more information.

Check the fit guide located on our website.

We do our best to make racks for every vehicle, but we are restricted by the vehicles themselves. We do fit test every vehicle, and if the testing indicates that the trunk would possibly be damaged by the rack, we will not approve the fit. If no racks are listed for your vehicle, your only option may be a hitch rack. If you have questions, please contact our customer service department.

If you would like to contact our customer service department, we will be able to identify the rack you have and check to see if we have parts available.

For any bike that has a sloping top tube, we recommend the use of a Bike Beam. This will create a safe top tube to hang your bike from.

We do not recommend using a cover on our bike racks. A cover will add more drag on the rack, and compromise the safety of the rack.

We have racks and some parts available on our website. If you don't see what you need listed, your local Saris dealer would be able to get the parts for you. Check out our dealer locator to find the dealer nearest you.

If you paid with a debit card, please be aware that your financial institution may place a hold, or card authorization charge, on your account.Your financial institution regulates how long this hold may remain on your card before reversing.Saris Cycling Group is not responsible for placing or reversing debit holds. Please contact your financial institution for more information.

We do not recommend opening the trunk of any vehicle while a trunk rack is installed.

Replacement rack parts, including Bones knobs, are available on our accessories page.

Hatch Huggers are an accessory used on our trunk racks. They are required for some cars that have glass hinge lines (such as on some hatchbacks). Our fit guide will detail which cars require them.

For information on how to use hatch huggers, check out our video on YouTube and download the instruction guide.

The materials we use on the points that contact your vehicle are made of soft rubber or foam. As long as your vehicle is clean, and the rack pads and feet are clean you shouldn't have a problem.

Our Bones arms are made of injection molded plastic. The straps on the top of the Bones arms are placed during this molding process, and are fused into the arm so they cannot be replaced with this accessory.

1 ¼" hitches come in class 1 and class 2. Class 1 has a tongue weight rating of 200lbs and class 2 has a rating of 300lbs. You need a minimum 300 lb tongue weight rating, or class 2 hitch, to use to use the 4-bike Freedom or 4-bike Freedom SuperClamp racks. Most of our vehicle racks will work with a 200 lb tongue weight rating, or a class 1 hitch. If you are using a class 1 hitch, be sure to check the tongue weight limit before using your rack.

2" hitches typically come in a class 3 or higher, and will handle any of our hitch racks.

You can identify the 29er compatible Thelmas by the lower front wheel holder. This wheel holder will have 2 positions for the large wheel scoop to lock into labeled "Standard" or "29er."

A non 29er Thelma cannot be modified with new wheel holders as the new frame was also updated to accommodate the wheelbase of 29ers.

No, we do not recommend the use of the Saris rack products on RVs, campers or trailers, and doing so will void the warranty.

We do not make an adapter that will take a 2" receiver base down to a 1 ¼" and do not recommend using a 3rd party adapter. You can contact our customer service department to see if we have a receiver base for your rack that would work with the smaller hitch.

The Thelma rack will not fit a bike that has fenders. If your bike has fenders that are not easily removed, you may want to check out our Freedom 2, Freedom 4, Freedom SuperClamp 2 or Freedom SuperClamp 4 rack.

We do not recommend using a hitch extender with our racks. If you have questions about bumper clearance, please contact our customer support and we can help you find the rack that will best suit your hitch and vehicle

Often when we see hitches wobble, either the hitch bolt is not tightened down enough, or it is improperly installed. Please see our hitch-tite installation video to ensure your hitch-tite is properly set up.

Yes, the Mighty Mite and Mini Mite both fit 29er wheels.

We do not provide mounting hardware with our Bike Tracs. Depending on the surface you are mounting it to, you are able to get the appropriate hardware from your local hardware store.