Bones Knobs 6-pack

  • Black replacement knobs for Bones 2 and Bones 3.
  • QTY 6.


SKU: 19881

Replacement Bones Knobs

Full Description

Replacement knobs for a Bones 2 and Bones 3 rack. Can be used for worn, broken or missing knobs.


It's no secret that all Saris products come with a lifetime warranty in North America. That means that we cover the product for as long as the original buyer owns it. Why? Because we believe in the quality and durability of every Saris rack. If there is a defect in materials or workmanship (rare as they may be), please get in touch with our outstanding customer service team. If your rack has been damaged due to incorrect assembly, from backing into a wall, or something not related to workmanship, you will not qualify for a replacement.